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7H Roofing and Construction has built its reputation for quality roof installations on residential and commercial buildings and for new construction in sizes ranging from a small family homes to large industrial sites.

As a specialist in residential, commercial, industrial and storm restoration, 7H Roofing and Construction offer services beyond that of any standard roofer.

The team of Hill, Black and Stroud bring the work ethic of a family-owned business that understands that your hard-earned money needs to be invested carefully. We are confident about the quality of installation in our company.

We back our work with a 10-year warranty on the installation in addition to the warranties from the factories that manufactured the roofing materials.

“7H Roofing and Construction gets its name from my mom. For her, the number 7 was her lucky number. She used a number 7 as the bookmark for her Bible. My brother and I wore the number 7 jersey in our high school quarterback days.  For my family, the number 7 was special.

In thinking about naming my company, I honored my mother’s memory. I honor that legacy with every single job, no matter how large or small, by treating my customers the way I’d treat my friends and family.”

Jeff Hill

Owner, 7H Roofing & Construction

We Warranty Our Work


First of all, the roofing materials we use on your roof have a factory warranty. We will provide you with a copy of the warranty so that you will have your own record of that coverage.

Installation Warranty

Beyond that, 7H Roofing and Construction will warranty OUR installation work for a full 10 years. While we never want any issues to happen with a roof, if there are any at all, we will correct them as soon as they are noticed and we will happily return for 10 years after we have packed up and headed to our next job.

Photo of ranch brick home with pitch gable over main family area of the home. The 7H Roofing and Construction trucks are parked to the side of the home and the roofing materials have been delivered and are stacked in the driveway.

The money you will spend on a roof is not small. We understand that a new roof is almost never the number one item on anyone’s wish list. We treat your roof as if it were being done on our own property and we will help you select the most cost-beneficial materials within the budget you have specified. In the unlikely event that something goes wrong, we are one phone call away to correct anything.

“I can’t say enough good things about Jeff Hill. Jeff is what every contractor should aspire to be. His honesty and integrity come through from the moment you meet him, as does his desire to do the job the right way. My farm was hit by straight line winds that destroyed the roof of the house. Jeff assessed the situation, put a plan in place and worked it. His crew was inspiring to watch. They knew what needed to be done and took care of it! There wasn’t any, “that’s not my job” from anyone! I have recommended Jeff to my friends that still live in the area and will continue to do so simply because Jeff is the best!”


Meet Our Team

7H Roofing and Construction has served the needs of our neighbors from Southern Middle Tennessee to North Alabama since arriving in the area in 2010.

Jeff Hill

With more than 15 years of experience, 7H Roofing and Construction owner Jeff Hill understands the roofing industry and what it takes to serve his clients with a commitment to excellence and true customer service.

Jeff’s reputation has been built on the quality of the teams he has assembled who have worked with him over the years. He views each roof as the most important job he has – no matter how big or how small.

Mark Black

Our Alabama clients will work primarily with Mark Black who has more than 21 years of experience in the roofing industry.

Named “Best Installer of the 2018” by Window World, Alabama homeowners, property managers and general contractors have come to recognize Mark as a roofing and construction professional with a keen eye for details and a trusted roofing professional.

Bethany Hill

The heart of 7H Roofing and Construction is managed by our Command Center Director, Bethany Hill.

Our clients will work with Bethany to schedule inspections and roofing work and to track insurance. Bethany keeps everyone informed and keeps the 7H Roofing and Construction teams in the right place at the right time.

We’re Licensed Contractors, too.

7H Roofing and Construction is also licensed for home improvement construction. That means that we can repair or replace a roof AND we can repair any interior water damage to drywall, ceilings, floors, insulation or the building structure under that damaged roof.

Of course, we can partner to work as your General Contractor for your entire building project from the footers straight through to the roof. Ask us for more details about our contracting services.

Photo of ranch brick home with pitch gable over main family area of the home. The 7H Roofing and Construction trucks are parked to the side of the home and the roofing materials have been delivered and are stacked in the driveway.

Licensed, Bonded and Insured


Our teams are licensed, bonded and insured. We also know that the roofing industry has been sullied by unscrupulous companies who bring unprofessional business practices. Most General Contractors do not know how to properly install a roof or even what materials are best suited to your roofing need.

They cut corners with cheaper materials and subcontracted labor who arrive with no insurance or coverage for any damage to your property, you or even themselves. When jobs are not completed correctly homeowners and businesses have very little recourse for corections.


7H replaced our roof after some storm damage and we were so happy with the outcome. He was also able to take care of the drywall repair on the ceiling in multiple rooms where it had been leaking and sub out the gutter replacement. Made it so easy to have a one stop shop for all the repairs and Jeff was super patient as we worked with insurance to cover all of the damage. He also provided a lot of insight throughout the process of dealing with the claim, which was very helpful. Professional, courteous, efficient and most importantly helped us stay within our budget so we weren’t out of pocket any more than our deductible. Would absolutely recommend 7H for your roofing and other misc. needs!

“Jeff Hill and his team were amazing to work with. He provided a free roof quote and fair estimate. Jeff was very good about keeping us updated every step of the way and answered any questions we had during the process. The roofing team arrived when they said they would and finished the roof in a very timely manner. They did a wonderful job of cleaning up and left things as they found them. Jeff went above and beyond to meet our expectations. I couldn’t have asked for a more exceptional job that went smoothly from start to finish. I would definitely recommend 7H Roofing to anyone with any roofing concerns. They get a 10/10 review from me!”

7H Roofing & Construction Client

Insurance Claims


Many people are surprised to learn that the need for a roof is a direct result of wind damage or hail from a specific storm event that is recognized in the insurance industry as a roof damage level of storm.

While most homeowners have never filed any sort of insurance claim with their homeowners policies, 7H Roofing and Construction has the experience to work with your insurance adjuster and to file claims on your behalf to pay for some or all of the roof repair or replacement.

7H Roofing and Construction maintains professional relationships with insurance contacts across the region and the knowledge of how to properly assess claims. 7H Roofing and Construction will act as the liaison between the insurance company and property owner to facilitate the claims process.

“7H Roofing and Construction also knows that fully 40 percent of your home’s curb appeal comes from the color, style, installation technique and maintenance or the roof! We treat your most important investment as if it were our own.”
Jeff Hill

Owner, 7H Roofing & Construction

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Jeff Hill


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