Solid Rock Baptist Church

View from the road of Solid Rock Baptist Church wit the new roof in Old Town Grey 26 Guage Metal

Solid Rock Goes From Asphalt to Metal Roof 

Solid Rock Baptist Church needed a roof replacement of a worn and stained black asphalt roof. They selected a new 26 gauge ribbed metal roof in Old Town Gray. Not only have they protected their church for a good 40-70 years with a new metal roof, but they completely changed the appearance of the church with the Old Town Gray.

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Solid Rock Baptist Church with new roof on the sanctuary side of the building
Completed new roof showing the sanctuary and religious school wing. The roof is Old Town Grey in a 26 gauge metal
Photo of the Old Town Gray metal roof partially installed on the religious school building prior to the removal of the old asphalt roofing material from the sanctuary.
Photo of the 7H Roofing trailer in the parking lot of Solid Rock Baptist Church. the project is just about to begin to replace a dark and stained black asphalt roof with an Old Town Grey metal roof
Solid Rock Baptist Church with new roof Old Town Grey in 26 gauge metal taken from the rear of the building
Photo of Solid Rock Baptist Church showing the installation of the Old Town Grey Metal roof partially installed. You can see the underlay for the metal roof. The sanctuary still sports the old asphalt roof
7H Roofing and Construction teams are removing the asphalt roof from the Solid Rock Baptist Church
Photo of the rear of the religious school wing of Solid Rock Baptist Church showing the 7H Roofing team installing the underlay for the new metal roof

An early Sunrise beginning at Solid Rock Baptist Church. With the sun lighting up the steeple, the old dark asphalt tiles are about to be replaced with a light color (Old Town Gray) 26 gauge metal roof. The style of the roof is a classic ribbed metal. This roof secures the church for 40-70 years. The change of color of the roof dramatically changes the curb appearance, making it light and refreshed.

Starting at Sunrise! The sun lighting up the steeple of the Solid Rock Baptist Church as crews begin the replacement of the black asphalt roof with a new metal roof