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So Many Choices

There are many beautiful choices for roofing that can have a major impact on the longevity of your new roof and value of your home. For help in choosing the best roof shingles, contact 7H Roofing and Construction.

The choices you make in the types of roofing materials can have a dramatic and immediate impact on the curb appeal of your home.

Different grades of material will impact the longevity of a roof. 7H Roofing and Contracting will help you examine the options and select the best fit for your neighborhood, your home and your budget.

We’ll walk you through a variety of options that are best for your home and your budget. Then, our team of experts will come and install your roof quickly and professionally working within your construction schedule.

Color and Material

Ultimately, designing a roof boils down to choosing color and material.

Roofing comes in a wide range of colors and materials. While many homeowners stick with asphalt shingles, materials can range from asphalt, clay, slate, wood, metal, and impact resistant shingles, each with their own advantage.

Asphalt shingles are the most common because they are easy to install and cost the least. Metal roofs offer style, colors and longevity.

Even the color of your roof can impact including insulation of the home, resale value and may have some limits due to neighborhood rules. Generally speaking, lighter roofs that reflect the light work better in very sunny, warm areas while darker colors absorb light and heat and keep a home warmer.

The style of your roof can actually increase the value of your home by increasing the curb appeal. While roofing materials now come in trendy colors, you may want to stick with more neutral colors if you are worried about resale values.

You may have some neighborhood association rules about colors and textures of roofs or you may just be interested in how your house fits in with the surrounding homes.

For an interactive design tool that will let you see how your home will look with a variety of styles and colors of roofs, click the DesignEyeQ Visualization Experience logo.

Home Roof Replacement


The team of roofing professionals at 7H Roofing and Construction has repaired, replaced, and maintained roofs in neighborhoods, communities and businesses from Southern Middle Tennessee to North Alabama and all the surrounding areas. While we work on commercial roofing of all sizes, we have installation teams that specialize in residential roofing.

We know that for a homeowner, there are a million other things you would rather spend your hard-earned money on than a new roof. Roofs take a terrible beating. The ravages of wind, hail, water and sun take a real toll on the best of materials and the most carefully installed roof.

While we understand that roof repair or replacement is not as exciting as other purchases you make, we realize that everyone you love and everything you have worked for is sitting under your hard working roof.

Our licensed, bonded and insured installation teams will work efficiently to install your roof or replace damaged areas to leave your home secure.

We start the process with a complete roof inspection and from there will show you problem areas or explain why a replacement is your most cost-beneficial way to deal with the roof. We will work with you on the selection of materials and to schedule the repair or replacement.

7H Roofing and Construction is licensed as a Home Improvement Contractor. That means that IF you have damage inside your home from a roof leak, we will be happy to get that repaired once the leak is fixed.

photo of ranch home from the rear of the home. This photo shows the team on the decking and the beginning point of underlay materials being installed over the utility are of the home.
photo of stone home with central living space and stone fireplace. The photo shows the new gray roof

What if your roof needs replacing?

You can expect a well cared for asphalt roof to last for about 20 years before it needs to be replaced. 7H Roofing and Construction is ready to provide you a free estimate when it is time for that roof and we will help you select the roofing material that will work best with your budget, your neighborhood and your individual preferences for your home.

A new roof is a big investment. And, just like when a mechanic tells you about your car, we know that you are placing a lot of trust in us that we are being honest in our evaluation of your roof.

If, after an inspection, we believe that you do not yet need a roof replacement, we will tell you that and explain why you may not be as pressed for this investment as you may have believed.

At 7H Roofing and Construction, we want your business, and we want you to be confident that our inspections are ones you can trust.


Roof Replacements

Roofs don’t last forever. A well-maintained roof usually lasts for about 20 years before it needs to be replaced. When you need a new roof, contact the team at 7H Roofing & Construction.

We’ll help you decide which type of roofing is best for your home and your budget. We’ll also install the roof in minimal time.

Even if you’re not sure that you need a roof replacement, call our experts out to take a look! We’ll give you an honest answer that you can trust.

“The roofing materials we use on your roof have a factory warranty. 7H Roofing and Construction will warranty OUR installation work for a full 10 years. While we never want any issues to happen with a roof, if there are any at all, we will correct them as soon as they are noticed and we will happily return for 10 years after we have packed up and headed to our next job.”

Jeff Hill

Owner, 7H Roofing & Construction

Leaking Roof

Once you see water damage inside your home, the leak is past the point of needing just a roof repair or replacement. Water comes in at the low point of the roof, even through tiny holes, but the actual leak may be somewhere else.

What we can be sure of is that if you are seeing water dripping or you see water stains on ceilings and walls, you need roof work fast! And you may need more help with replacing and repairing insulation, drywall, paint, etc.

As a Licensed Contractor, 7H Roofing and Construction can help you repair the inside damage that your roof problems has caused.

Prevention and inspection can catch leaking roofs before they cause big damage to your home. Some signs to look out for are buckling/curling shingles, algae and mold, damaged flashing, granules in the gutter, roof rot, and water stains on the ceiling. 7H Roofing and Construction will fix these leaks before the damage gets worse.

10 signs you need a new roof.


  1. shingles have curled edges or are cracked
  2. neighbors are getting new roofs
  3. algae/moss are growing on the roof
  4. missing granules
  5. granules are clogging your gutters
  6. missing shingles – they just disappeared at some point
  7. chimney flashing is coming up
  8. you are hearing drips
  9. light is coming through in the attic
  10. dark stains and streaks appear on the shingles

These signs of trouble do not necessarily mean that you will need an entirely new roof. If dealt with quickly, it is possible to do a repair to a relatively small area of the roof to fix the leak and any damage the leak may have caused.

For an interactive design tool, click the DesignEyeQ Visualization Experience logo.

Photo of 7H Roofing truck parked in front of a split level home with a newly installed roof

An Ounce of Prevention for Roofs


Regular maintenance and routine inspections can help increase the longevity of a roof. The fact is that most people do not need to climb onto a roof to try to inspect for damage or attempt DIY repairs. It is dangerous up there.

7H Roofing truck parked beside a home with a new roof installation underway.

It is also entirely possible that attempting to “fix” a potential damaged spot can make the problem worse. Water runs downhill. The places in your ceiling that you may see water damage inside may actually be nowhere near the actual area of the leak.

Routine roof inspections, just like the twice a year maintenance on your heating and air systems, are a great way to properly maintain your roof and prevent large-scale damages. 7H Roofing and Construction can set you up for routine inspections and maintenance to catch damage after strong winds or heavy rain.


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