As a preferred provider of Owens Corning Roofing, the team at 7H Roofing and Construction shares the belief that it is what’s under the roof that matters!

And, at 7H Roofing and Construction we also know that when you decide to build a new home or office your primary thoughts turn to the curb appeal, the way the space will flow, how you will enter and leave, what types of materials will be used for the facade and the interior. There is a lot of attention to what it is going to look like from the street. Every window, dormer, line of gutter along with the materials that will be seen on the outside are given huge attention. Will you use brick or siding or rock? Will you put shutters on every window?  Will the windows soar to the roofline? Every decision is a major one. Yet, often roofs are an afterthought, especially when that roof is going to protect everything under it. And what is under it is everyone you love and everything you own.

So, from the moment you begin to develop your house or office building plans, engage with us. We can help with the roof design, guide some of the framing decisions and help you select a roof system both under the roof itself and what you can see from the street that will complement your design and house colors.