We can see the reaction in your face the minute we say those words, “You need a roof.” We completely understand that this news ranks right up there with news that you need a new heating and air system. It is just a fact that a new roof wasn’t in your top of the list ideas for how you wanted to spend your hard-earned money. But at 7H roofing and Constructions we have solutions for how you are going to be able to afford the roof you need.

First it is important to understand why you need the roof. Often the damage to the roof or the reasons for needing a replacement can be tied to a storm event. It could have been hail, but it also could have been a system of strong winds that left damage to your roof.

When the roof can be tied to a storm, your homeowners or business insurance may cover the repair or replacement. Most homeowners have never actually made a claim with their insurance company for anything. At 7H Roofing and Construction we help our customers successfully initiate the claim and then will be onsite with the adjuster when they come to do their inspection and estimate of what the damage may be.

Working with you insurance company we will assure that as they are processing the claim, they understand what we are seeing with the roof damage and know exactly what is being proposed to do the repair or replacement.

There are repairs and replacements that will not qualify for insurance coverage. In these cases, the roof has just reached its maximum life expectancy. A roof replacement is a big investment, but it becomes even more expensive when it is delayed and there is a need to replace decking, insulation or there is interior water or mold damage to the home.

We know all the financial advice about having emergency funds stashed somewhere for home repair and other types of emergencies, but we also know that almost nobody actually has that kind of money in a secret hiding place.

Ask us about financing options for your roof. Our exclusive relationship with Owens Corning opens opportunities for us to help you finance the cost of the roof so that you have time to assemble resources and can pay a smaller amount each month to pay for the cost of the replacement.